Staying Young… From The Inside–Out

Let me ask you a simple question… who are you? Wait a minute, let me rephrase that question and make it relatable to the discussion we've been having. How old are you?

I'm not referring to your chronological age. I really don't give a rat's ass about that number, and neither should you. I'm interested in your biological age, and even more interested in your psychological age.

chronological vs biological age

Those two ages, biological and psychological are much more accurate markers of how old you really are. Not just how you look, but how you feel, the overall state of your health and even how you act.

This is not only true for you but also how others see and act around you; and even treat you.

You've heard the term ‘you are what you eat’. I'm 100% on-board with that. What you eat has a HUGE impact on your health, and your biological age.

You Are What You Eat… And Think!

But let's travel further down the path. I contend, and you might agree with with me on this… you are what you think!

It's not my intention to mindlessly parrot some new-age-personal-growth-woo-woo stuff with that statement. I really believe this shit.

Your life—mine too—is nothing more but an incredibly accurate reflection of your inner-most beliefs about who you think you are.

That's true whether we're talking about your health, finances, social or business relationships. And yes, even the state of your biological/psychological age.

So we've come back to my original question… who are you?

When it comes to recapturing your youth, that's the logical place to start.

Making permanent lifestyle choices that affect the aging process are simply a by-product of your inner-most thoughts and beliefs. When you transform who you are on the inside, the necessary anti-aging activities are no longer something to be struggled with. They come, more-or-less, effortlessly because they're just a reflection of who you are. There's no willpower involved. Things flow naturally from within.

As Within, So Without

Most people who are interested in recapturing their youth take the opposite, or outside-in approach. They focus on face creams, Botox injections, plastic surgery, tummy tucks, butt lifts, etc. Sure, these pills, potions and medical procedures work, but at what cost and for how long?

Even the so-called natural ant-aging approach has flaws. Eating clean, practicing yoga, meditating, exercising… they all sound great and on their own merits they are!

But if ‘who you really are’ coincides with how a typical 50, 60 or 70 year old in our western culture looks, feels and acts, then you will eventually find a way to sabotage your anti-aging efforts.

You can be eating more healthier than ever, going to yoga class three times per week and meditating every morning but… if your inner-self image is not in alignment with those outside activities then you're gonna struggle doing them consistently.

They will, sooner or later, become a chore because you're trying to change who you are from the outside-in. Sure, you may get some results from sheer dedication and willpower, but where's the fun in that?

as within so without

The truth of the matter is that as we grow older chronologically, we look around us and see how our friends, family and almost everyone else is aging. It's not a pretty sight!

We are constantly being reminded of how most people expect the aging-process to flow for them… from a lack of energy and vitality, to saggy and wrinkled skin, to weight gain, to memory loss, to age-related diseases. You get the pitiful picture.

Our expectations really do rule our outcomes.

So… how do you change who you are—age wise—so you can recapture your youth?

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