How To Recapture Your Youth

Recapturing your youth begins with unapologetically accepting how old you internally believe you are. If you're not sure, look in the mirror. If you're not thrilled with what you see, then you can certainly change that reflection.

Refrain from judging yourself. Rather, view your current age/looks/health with an air of objective awareness.

Then, creatively imagine a different picture of yourself… one that you believe to be possible for you. Once you have that revised picture, decide that is what the new you is going to BE. Now it's just a matter of working backwards, allowing the details to fall into place.

You can be whoever you want to be. For example, if you're now 60 and want to look like say… 47, then start seeing yourself as that age. At 47, you would of course look younger and maybe be slimmer. Your health would be hopefully better and you would have less aches and pains, if any. Energy levels would be higher and mental acuity would be a non-issue.

One important, very critical point: realize that you're playing the ‘long’ game here. Recapturing your youth is a process and quantum leaps do not play a part in that process.

A Credible Anti-Aging Model

jerry higgins

Let me humbly offer myself as a credibe example. Chronologically, I'm 71 years old. I can typically pass for someone who's in their 50's and, depending on the day and circumstances, sometimes even younger. At 5' 8" and 135 pounds, I'm slim and trim. More importantly though, I'm incredibly healthy. No diseases, illnesses or any physical or mental issues of any kind. Maybe an occasional ache or soreness here-and-there because of work/exercise/yoga, but nothing chronic or out of the ordinary.

I eat one-ingredient foods, practice yoga and meditation, exercise regularly, take some well-researched anti-aging supplements and regularly read awe-inspiring books. But these are just logical behaviors resulting from how I choose to perceive who I am. I'm someone who has made a radical departure from what most people's paradigm is about aging.

My ideas about aging begin to shift in 1995 when I was 47 years old. I was working at a health club and would constantly be joking around with my friend Bill that we would always be able to deduct 10 years off our age since we were into health and fitness. The truth was, like many others, I could actually get away with doing it. These types of ‘younger’ thoughts marked the birth of my ageless mindset, and continued until I was about 60.

A Radical Shift In Perception

Around that time, having just gone through a divorce, I became interested in quantum physics, spirituality, A Course In Miracles… that type of stuff. Although I had always been a personal growth junkie, somehow this was different. My entire concept of how I viewed the world was turned upside down.

Although this new mindset made for some uncomfortable moments, it was also extremely liberating. I was slowly becoming convinced that it was no longer necessary to believe in the limited concept of aging that everyone else appeared to be mindlessly adopting.

I've come to accept that we are what we believe we are, no more and no less.

That truth applies to everything in your life… including aging. Your thoughts about yourself affect your body, at the cellular level. Telomeres can stay long. Cells can keep replicating. Your brain, as well as your digestive, immune and lymphatic systems can continue to work flawlessly.

How long can this go on? Who knows? A better question: how much do you want to limit yourself? Wouldn't it be better to just forget what we think we know about aging—which is next to nothing—and see what's possible?

I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and say to myself, “I'm not getting any older. In fact, I actually think I'm getting younger!”

Our Expectations About Aging Define Our Reality

This liberating concept about staying young and bringing the aging process to a screeching halt is most definitely NOT for everyone. But since you've made it this far, it just might be for you.

If these radical concepts ring true to you, then welcome to my crazy—some whould say delusional—world. But then again, one person's delusion is another's reality.

What if you knew that you had an additional 30 or 40 quality years to live… a life where your health-span equaled your life-span? Might that inspire you to live those ‘bonus’ years from a completely different perspective?



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