jerry higgins

My name is Jerry Higgins. My keen interest in health and fitness can be traced back to my teenage years. Later in life I began to study natural healing and wellness. Now that I’m older (chronologically anyway) I’ve become obsessed with anti-aging, longevity and… staying young.

I’ve always taken a holistic approach to maintaining my health, fitness and youthfulness and have—with very few exceptions—looked at fad diets, HGH treatments, prescription drugs, anti-aging clinics and cosmetic surgery with an air of disdain.

I’ve adopted an ‘inside-out’ philosophy to stay young while slowly turning back the biological clock… versus the ‘outside-in’ approach that our impatient, modern society so readily flocks to.

I'm not a medical doctor nor a notorious nutritionist. Neither am I a renowned dietitian or even a so-called anti-aging expert.

I do have a B.A. in Education from San Diego State University and have worked as a Certified Personal Trainer (ACE). I was an avid runner for many years, completing a couple of marathons along the way. I participated in triathlons for a while but my focus has recently turned to yoga.

I prefer to lead the way to health, vitality and longevity by example.

Call it ‘walk the talk’ or ‘street-cred’ if you will.

You have permission to call me crazy—and I am—but, my intention is to live well past 100 years old.

While it’s not such a big deal to live to 100 anymore, it’s entirely something else to do it while maintaining your health, youthfulness and vitality while getting there. In my world the term health-span should be synonomous with life-span.

At the age of 71 I suffer from none of the medical conditions commonly associated with growing older such as hypertension (high blood pressure), arthritis, cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, osteoporosis, Type II diabetes, dementia or Alzheimer's, among others.

I don’t experience any of the aches and pains normally associated with being chronologically older, unless I happen to inadvertently tweak my knee or something like that.

My memory and brain appear to be functioning as well as ever and my libido has declined only marginally.

At 5' 8" I weigh less than I did in high school—135 pounds—and in some ways I think I look better now than I did in my 40’s and 50’s. To be fair, I’ve been called ‘delusional’ by some, so I’ll let you be the judge.

Initially you might think that I’ve been endowed with a favorable genetic destiny, but that would be inaccurate. Just like an iceberg, 90% of my very intentional approach to staying young lies below the surface, well hidden from view.

My path to health, fitness and youthfulness has gone way beyond basic lifestyle behaviors. For me, staying young is all about moving beyond out-dated scientific dictums and dogmas and ushering in a more modern—and accurate—paradigm of what’s possible when it comes to our health and living a long, disease-free life.

We have become conditioned by the so-called health industry… medical practitioners, dietitians, nutritionists, anti-aging experts, pharmaceutical corporations and health insurance companies, to look to them first for the answers to our health care issues.

Modern medicine has, for the most part, taken a superficial approach to dealing with health problems. Their focus has centered on the treatment of the symptoms rather than the underlying causes of old age and age-related diseases.

It’s time to adopt a more enlightened and progressive paradigm and begin taking a holistic approach to anti-aging.

To recapture your health and youthfulness, lifestyle behavioral changes are certainly necessary… but you’ll see more significant and longer-lasting results by making a concurrent change as to what you believe to be true about the aging process.

In order to recapture our youth I believe we need to look within ourselves and take FULL responsibility for our health, fitness and longevity.

I foresee a world where growing chronologically older is synonomous with staying young and maintaining a disease-free life. If you’re interested in participating in a journey such as this, I invite you to join me.

I’m on the path right up ahead of you—and don’t mind waiting at all.

jerry higgins